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TRUE LOVE WAITS: I Am Letting Go and Letting GOD

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Definition of Term(s): Love, in this context, means love beyond friendship; a love that is intimate.


I was supposed to write and post this note 3 weeks ago but due to a very hectic schedule, i wasn’t. After I got home, I went out of the town again to attend the 3rd YFL E. Visayas Reg’l Youth Congress and a debut celebration afterwards. I can feel that GOD’s plan is so amazing because during the camp, one of the topic was love that really helped me much in moving on.

Moving on? I believe other friends and people still do not know what I have undergone for the past weeks. In November and December, I have experienced two heartaches – being rejected by two persons whom I shared my feelings with and courted. (Also, last year, I was a victim of unannounced breakup.) I love them so much that accepting their rejection, letting them go and moving on were very difficult for me to do so since something like a boulder was pressing on my chest. But that’s before I went into discernment and contemplation that enlightened my mind and heart and gave me realizations in different ways.

I thank GOD that He sent me friends in lieu of him to give advices when I am away from my family/parents. A senior dormmate/friend of mine told me during my lamentation that pushing myself for persons who do not love me is a selfish act. She said that someone may have been longing for my love also. Another friend of mine and co-activist told me that GOD’s love and the Filipino masses’ love for me should be enough.

I also realize that GOD has tested me on how faithful I am to Him and how firm I am on my principles. For years, I have been easily advising my heartbroken friends that true love waits. I believe that GOD wanted me to experience what they have experienced for me to know what to advice especially on the part of letting go and moving on. As they say, one cannot give what he/she doesn’t have. How can I just tell the people that true love waits and that they should no longer be sad if I, myself, have not felt the pain they have been carrying. God allowed me to experience this so that the people will see I am acting on the words I am telling them because If I give up on this love problem, what will happen to those who trusted my words.

I could have taken illegal drugs to ease the pain or killed myself to stop the pain like other weak people did but because of GOD and HIS EXTREME LOVE for me, I feel strong, I see hope and such empty space in my heart was filled by His unbounding, unconditional love. As one of my favorite line from my favorite movie “The Love of Siam (2007)”, “As long as you love, you still have hope.” Thinking something is lacking, I added, “But as long as GOD is in our lives, there is love, there is hope.” And so, I’m letting go and letting GOD control my life, as I have used to, including my love life. Only God knows who my eternal partner is and when that partner will come into my life. After all, I should keep clinging to my love principle – TRUE LOVE WAITS.


For the people I love and for those who are still longing for love. GOD LOVES US more than anyone does. Let go, let GOD and live. Whatever happens, let us still praise GOD. Padayon! Merry Christmas! GOD BLESS! 😀


Author: pchan_august

Juris Doctor (Law) Graduate. Iskolar ng Bayan. Activist. Environmentalist. Frustrated Singer, Poet and Writer. Computer Enthusiast. Servant of the Masses. God's Servant.

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