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Year-End Report of My 2010 Life

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On the second week of Decemember, I have planned to recall, write and share all the things that happened to me in 2010 and post it on the last day of the year. However, as I’ve experienced lately, these days, it is hard to register for Globe Tattoo SUPERSURF50; thus, I am taking this opportunity to post this note today.


My life this year has been like a roller-coaster ride and on this ride, I have been tested, my faith and principles in life have been tested. Of course, sometimes I got tired but GOD gave me Strength and Hope. Sometimes, I felt alone but GOD sent me friends and families. Sometimes, I felt unloved but GOD always reminded me instantly of His EXTREME LOVE. Sometimes, I got sick but GOD healed me. Sometimes, I sinned but GOD always forgave me. So, I find it enjoying to recall all these things that made my 2010 life wonderful and colorful where GOD really showed His EXTREME LOVE, so much that I can’t contain it, so much that I want to share it to everyone.


The events are arranged chronologically. 

  • Started 2010 life with Worship and party with YFL Biliran Music Ministry.
  • Two sisters recovered from Christmas Dengue
  • Bonded much with Red Gate Family
  • Failed in TWO 2nd Long Exams
  • Got in-love with a classmate after a month since last break-up but busted
  • NSTP-CWTS Community-based Project in Sitio ISKP, Brgy. Sambag succeeded; 0-case of Dengue in the project site
  • UP Cebu High School Phase-out plan got averted
  • Open 2nd Gate Project as Student Council 1st Year Rep. with te Liezyl succeeded
  • Passed all the subjects and the first year in UP Cebu
  • Enjoyed the summer vacation w/ YFL Biliran & YFL Biliran Music Ministry in practices, performances, households, and fellowships
  • Participated in Automated May 2010 National Elections as independent watcher and reporter
  • 1st YFL Cebu Youth Camp succeeded
  • Gastrointestinal check-up yielded positive results; no sign of major complications
  • Enjoyed hanging-out with LUNCHBOX friends; performed many times in Quantum Concierto in SM Cebu
  • Performed in UP Cebu COOKOUT with Angelee Pinzon
  • Almost failed in Discrete Math Midterm Exam
  • Got confined in hospital for exactly 1 week due to Dengue
  • Faced academic crisis due to the confinement
  • But because of GOD’s Love and Mercy, I passed all the subjects and the 1st semester of 2nd year in UP Cebu
  • Bonded with High School batchmates during semestral break
  • Started the 2nd semester with worship with UP Cebu YFC
  • Got in-love with a 2nd-degree cousin and busted
  • Participated in the succesful UP Cebu WALKOUT and Nationwide Strike against Aquino Admin’s Education Budget Cuts
  • Participated in rallies and other school, societal & environmental activities and mobilizations
  • Got in-love with another classmate and busted
  • Had a Christmas Party/Outreach to orphans with UP KALESA family
  • Joyfully celebrated my 18th birthday (lunch with biological family, gave food to streetchildren, Christmas Party with YFC Cebu Campus-based, caroled with UP Cebu YFC family)
  • Spiritually revived by USC Praise Jam
  • Enlightened, comforted, and empowered during 3rd YFL E.Visayas Youth Congress where YFL Cebu was able to attend
  • Attended Darleene’s Grand Debut Celebration
  • Attended Christmas Eve Mass with family
  • Enjoyed much during TND (HS Barkada) Christmas Party
  • Got reunited with relatives in Sabonsolin Clan
  • Celebrated Christmas season and New Year with my family being COMPLETE
  • All travels/trips I had were safe

These are just some of the awesome and great things that happened to me in 2010. To all of you who accompanied me in my 2010 ride, thank you very much! To those whom I have offended, please forgive me. For those who have offended me, I have forgiven and prayed for all of you.


Moreover, for all of the events in my 2010 life, I give much credit and praises to GOD. He is indeed AMAZING, GREAT, HOLY, HEALER, COMFORTER, and EXTREME and His LOVE is NEVER-ENDING! All things are POSSIBLE in Him. So, I lift up and offer again my life unto Him for 2011 and WHATEVER HAPPENS, in good and bad times, I will still praise Him. To GOD be the GLORY! Another meaningful New Year to me, to my family and to everyone. I welcome anyone who wants to take a roller-coaster ride again with me in 2011. GOD BLESS! 😀



Kristian Jacob Abad Lora (Sgd.)

December 30, 2010


Author: pchan_august

Juris Doctor (Law) Graduate. Iskolar ng Bayan. Activist. Environmentalist. Frustrated Singer, Poet and Writer. Computer Enthusiast. Servant of the Masses. God's Servant.

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