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UP NKE and PI 100 Class Forum on Philippine Society and Revolution: Closing Remarks

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For those who were not able to attend andthose who were not able to finish the NKE and PI 100 Class’ forum on Philippine Society and Revolution (Lipunang Pilipino at Rebolusyon) this afternoon, here’s the manuscript of my Closing Remarks/Call to Action. Note that words in this note may not be exact. Also, for everyone to understand, I will use Filipino for Cebuano lines that I have delivered. 


Magandang hapon po sa ating lahat! Mukhang kaunti na lang tayo, ano? This is like what they call “many are called, few have persisted and stayed upang matuto sa sitwasyon at mga problema ng ating lipunan at paano natin bigyan ang mga ito ng solusyon.

Anyways, from the forum, we have learned that the First Quarter Storm Movement of the 1970’s, that rose at the time when the book Philippine Society and Revolution (PSR) was published, had greatly contributed to the ouster of the then President Ferdinand Marcos and to the liberation of the Filipino people from his dictatorial rule.

However, we concede to the fact that our situation today is different from theirs. We are no longer under dictatorial rule. We have the freedom (although it’s not complete freedom). But we are facing different problems in the society in which some have already been problems decades ago – land problems, fare hikes, price hikes, bill hikes, killing of environmental and other activists and one thing that is most significant for us, students, is the worsening of our educational system. Kung pag-aralan natin, the cut on the educational budget is increasing each year.

With these problems, the First Quarter Storm is calling us to continue their movement to combat these crises that does not only affect us but also the generations to come. 


Actually, the freedom that we are enjoying right now are fought for us by the students, teachers, workers, and all those who joined the FQS Movement who did not just think of themselves but also of our generation.


We must act and revitalize the First Quarter Storm Movement!


Recently, the KABATAAN Partylist passed the House Bill 1962 that will address the educational budget problem. It aims to repeal the automatic appropriation for debt servicing and instead, automatically appropriate 6% of our GDP to the budget of education as prescribed by the United Nations. We must collectively support it.


The FQS movement reaffirms that our militant collective action will help us win our social struggles and achieve our goals just like our recent triumph on our struggle against 2011 Budget Cut for SUC’s.


I hope, we hope, we will not just end here in this forum but we will move forward; we must apply all the theories we learned from this forum. And so, on behalf of the Nagkahiusang Kusog sa Estudyante (NKE), I would like to thank all the people who attended the forum esp. tayong lahat na nanatili’t tinapos ang forum. Pasasalamat din sa lahat ng ating mga panelist for sharing their time with us to teach us and to inspire us to continue the movement.


Ipagpatuloy natin ang laban dahil yun nga – hindi lang tayo Iskolar ng Bayan kundi Iskolar din tayo Para sa Bayan at Para sa Kinabukasan. SERVE THE PEOPLE! Padayon!




For those who don’t have little or no knowledge about the book PSR,




By Ang Bayan

20 November 2010


It has been 40 years since the Central Publishing House of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) first published Philippine Society and Revolution (PSR). In the past 40 years, PSR has served as the CPP’s principal reference and guide in laying down the basic principles of the two-stage revolution in the Philippines based on the analysis of concrete conditions of the semicolonial and semifeudal system. To commemorate the anniversary of PSR and reaffirm the principles it laid down, Ang Bayan decided to interview Comrade Jose Ma. Sison who, as CPP founding chair Amado Guerrero was the principal author of the PSR. Read more… http://www.josemariasison.org/?p=5421


here’s also a PDF file of the book: http://wagmatakot.com/psr.pdf


here’s also the link to Prof. Jose Maria Sison to UP Cebu NKE, LFS and students on the 40th Year Anniversary of the PSR: http://www.facebook.com/notes/nke-upvcc/continuing-relevance-of-the-book-philippine-society-and-revolution/10150145073781745


from Prof. Sison: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150168824628066&id=1552912313




Message to the LFS and NKE in Cebu in Forum

on Philippine Society and Revolution, February 4, 2011




International League of Peoples’ Struggle 




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