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End of the World

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Disclaimer: This was supposed to be posted on May 25.


One of the recent issues that struck the world was Family Radio (led by Harold Camping)’s prediction on the May 21 Judgment Day, also known as the Rapture. Many have misinterpreted it as the “end of the world” as the station broadcasted that the world would be shaken with quakes starting 6pm in New Zealand. In the United States, many had given up their properties while some donated much of their money to the station. Other parts of the world waited for the hour. However, 6pm had passed but no apparent Judgment occured and not even a single person glided up to the heavens. Camping, on the other hand, explained that there might have been no physical judgment but there was a “spiritual judgment”. He further said that the world will come to an end on October 21.

Honestly, I was one of the people who was worrying while waiting for the hour to come. Not that I believe in the prediction but the “end of the world” or just the “end of one’s life” can happen any day and no one knows. I was worrying because, honestly, if according to yesterday’s Gospel (John 15:6),I am one of the branches that should have been cut off from the Vine and be burned if I am to recall my past that only few people know.

Since my gradeschool days until first year in high school, I lived a life of wickedness. I was a bad child to my parents; I used to talk back at them whenever they scolded me. I had even pointed a knife to my mother. I was also a “palaaway” na brother to my siblings. I was a great backstabber. I was selfish most of the time. I lived a life of lust but assurely, I am still virgin.

With these, I again felt unworthy to be saved and be with GOD in His Kingdom. But later on that day, I realized that I was wrong because the truth is I have already been redeemed. GOD sent His begotten Son to us to die on the cross as an Ultimate Ransom for our Salvation from our sins such that when we believe in Him, we shall attain eternal life that is not in this world but in GOD’s Kingdom (John 3:16). With Jesus Christ’s Passion and Death, we are all saved.

Now that we are already saved, the challenge for us is to protect our GOD-given Salvation from the theives who are Satan and his bonds of evil. The Rapture is a battle between the good and the evil who is wanting to take the our Salvation away from us. It is our great struggle with our sins. However, if we do not struggle, we lose the battle and the worst thing is that we lose the Salvation that GOD blessed us. In short, to quote a brother during our household sharing last night, “we become losers when we do not struggle.”

One day, GOD enlightened me to reform my life and be with Him. Reforming one’s life means repenting, burning bridges and not turning back to a very sinful life. Truly, it is very difficult and the process is long. Human as we are, it is inevitable that we commit sins but what is more important is that we struggle to live a life of Holiness. At least, by doing such, we are able to minimize our sins compared to that of the past. The best thing to do is to ask for GOD’s Strength each day that we will overcome any temptation to sin.

No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father” (Matthew 24:36). But personally, I can feel that the time is coming soon. Nevertheless,let us rejoice because the May 21 prediction did not happen. GOD is very Merciful that He has given us another chance to live and another opportunity not to continue with our wicked ways but to to prepare for the gift He has ever promised to us – the gift of eternal life.

Let us not worry that our dirty past might hinder us from receiving this gift because Jesus Christ is so powerful that He can clean it by the Blood that gushed out from His Wounds. If we believe in GOD and that He is our Saviour, admit that we need Him in our lives, repent from our sins, and obey His commandments, then everything will be well even when the Time comes.

For counseling and/or prayer requests, post your concerns/prayer request on my FB OFFICIAL PAGE: http://facebook.com/kristianlora.


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