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Year-End Report of My 2011 Life

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I started writing year-end reports of my life just last year (Year-End Report of My 2010 Life) and I hope I can make such report for the years to come.


My life this year has been like a very challenging and exciting journey – there were hills, plains, rough roads and predators along the way. In this journey, of course, there were times that I fell but with God’s Strength, I was able to rise and move on. There were times that I got wounded but with God’s Strength, my wounds were healed. There were times that I was tempted but with God’s Strength, I was able to resist them. Naturally, there were times that I  gave in to some temptations but because God is so Merciful and Kind, I was forgiven. There were times that I was attacked but with God’s Most Precious Blood and Mother Mary’s Blue Mantle of Protection, I was protected enough. Moreover, with God’s Strength, I was able to fight them successfully. There were times that I felt much proud of myself but with God’s Strength, I was humbled. There were really times that I felt I am alone in the journey but with God’s Love, I knew He is with me. So, I really find it enjoying and awakening contemplating all the things that happened in my life in 2011 when God really showed His EXTREME STRENGTH that no one could ever equate or resist, so extreme that I can’t contain it, so extreme that I want to share it to everyone.


The events are arranged chronologically.


  • Went back to Cebu from Christmas vacation alive despite super raging seas.
  • Started the academic days in 2011 with a prayer.
  • Got failed in a long exam of a major subject.
  • Got highest (with 3 mistakes) in a long exam of a GE subject.
  • First time to watch Sinulog Street Dances live at makipagsisikan sa mga tao.
  • First time to ride Go-Kart and Zipline thru PE Recreational class.
  • Made friends with more Chinese, Thai and Indonesian people via social networking sites.
  • One of my teeth got fractured.
  • Ran for Vice-Chairpershonship in the Student Council elections and won thru the support of the people and students.
  • First to time to fish thru PE Recreational class.
  • First time to participate in an ouster movement (Dean Avila Ouster Movement)
  • First time to appear in a press conference (Filing Case Against Dean Avila and cohorts)
  • First outing outside the city (Sem-ender Outing with Red Gate family @ Sprin Park, Lutopan)
  • First time to watch Party Pilipinas live.
  • First time to be a representative of Gerry Roxas Foundation/Gerry Roxas Leadership Award to award medal and certificate to deserving student leaders during the graduation ceremonies of the only state university in our province.
  • Got an upper-respiratory tract infection but got cured later on.
  • First time to attend CFC-Youth for Family and Life World Youth Congress with this year’s theme “Lahat Kayang Gawin sa Lakas ng Diyos”.
  • First time to be in Manila, Makati, and Dagupan in Pangasinan.
  • First time to ride on airplane (Praise GOD, walang turbulence).
  • First time to be with Archbishop Soc Villegas and Atom Araullo.
  • First time to be with and venerate the National Youth Cross.
  • Relived my Kids for Christ days with Kids for Family and Life in Almeria.
  • Finally, I had my YFL Covenant Recollection/Orientation.
  • Attended Road Revolution Cebu and Cebu celebration of Phil. Independence Day; met and talked with then UP Cebu SC chairperson, NKE alumnus and incumbent Nat’l Youth Commission chairperson Hon. Leon Flores III.
  • First time to participate in a long march rally (Nationwide Protest for Education) from CNU to USC-Main to UC-Main to Colon)
  • Interviewed DEADLINE scriptwriter Boni Ilagan, Direk Dennis Evangelista and actor Rico Barrera.
  • Nakapag-Planking against Aquino Admin’s Budget Cut on Social Services (sayang, d pa talaga na-upload yung pix)
  • Had a trip to Cebu’s Asian religion temples (Chu Un Temple, Tibetan Buddhist Temple and Heavenly Temple of Charity) thru Asian History class.
  • Made documentary on Asian Non-Christian religions in Cebu and interviewed Muslim, Sikh and Buddhist leaders.
  • Got a 4.0 grade in an elective subject and eventually removed it.
  • Made it back to UP’s Honorific Scholars list.
  • Bought my first External Hard Disk.
  • Started dating people. (hehe)
  • Had a courtesy call with Cebu City Councillor Eduardo Rama.
  • Participated in 1st Cebu City Mayor’s Environmental Awards as evaluator/judge along with UP Cebu Student Council officers.
  • Spearheaded a forum with KABATAAN Partylist Raymond Palatino.
  • Revealed one of my deepest secrets to certain persons.
  • Fulfilled my “Rosary Praying per Week” during the Season of Advent (at ipagpapatuloy sa susunod na taon kahit di Advent Season)
  • Long birthday celebration (pre-Bday celebration with Red Gate Family, Bday celebration with Red Gate Family, and post Bday celebration with NKE family and with certain special persons the day after)
  • Sang in Joed’s Lutong Hapon bistro.
  • First time of not having celebrated my birthday with my family, even just my siblings.
  • Bought first polos in my life.
  • First time to fail in attending YFL Reg’l Youth Congress due to typhoon; all trips were cancelled.
  • Haven’t attended Misa de Gallo even once.
  • Watched MORE Thai and Chinese films.
  • Christmas vacation loaded with schoolworks.
  • Celebrated Christmas Day and New Year with my family (though only in New Year celebration na kami ay kompleto)
  • Made 11 covers (http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3B6930C452EC8C15&feature=mh_lolz)
  • Gained much weight than in the past years
  • Still single years after the break-up


These are just some of the awesome and great things that happened to me in 2010. To all of you who accompanied me in my 2011 journey, thank you very much! Thank you to my families – Lora Family, YFL Family, Music Ministry Family Red Gate Dorm Family, NKE Family, SC Family; classmates, schoolmates, batchmates; friends and colleagues; teachers and advisers; confidants; and the masses. To those whom I have offended, please forgive me. For those who have offended me, I have forgiven and prayed for all of you.


Moreover, for all of the events in my 2011 life, I give much credit and praises to GOD. He is indeed AMAZING, GREAT, HOLY, HEALER, COMFORTER, and EXTREME and His LOVE is NEVER-ENDING! All things are POSSIBLE in Him. So, I lift up and offer again my life unto Him for 2012 and WHATEVER HAPPENS, in good and bad times, I will still praise Him. To GOD be the GLORY! Another meaningful New Year to me, to my family and to everyone. I welcome anyone who wants to accompany me in our 2012 journey in life and in this journey, we will not only be focusing on our lives but we will be more focusing on helping other people walk the journey especially those who have been victims of oppression, greed and exploitation. Sawatdee Pii Mai na khap! Maligaya’t manigong Bagong Taon po sa ating lahat! GOD BLESS everyone! o(^^,)o~ #lakasngDiyos


“Life is a race/competition” is just a concept made by the ruling elite class/bourgeoisie to justify their cheats, demoralize those who can’t run fast and further oppress them such that only them can win the “race” and rule the world. But DO NOT believe them; they are a bunch of charlatans who want to push everybody down so they’ll stand as the only victors. “Life is actually a journey” and you need not to be alone. Since it’s a journey, we can walk through life with all other people, enjoying the things and events we’ll encounter along the way and helping one another overcome all obstacles until we reach our Destination. Enjoy life and fight for it. Isang mapagpalayang Pasko at Bagong Taon sa lahat! Follow Christ, SERVE THE PEOPLE!


(Sgd.) Kristian Jacob Abad Lora

December 31, 2011



Kristian Jacob Abad Lora, at your service in Christ.


First time to ride on a Go-Kart. hehe 🙂


First time to watch Sinulog parade live!


First Zipline!


To the Gerry Roxas Foundation, I am very honored to be your representative during this year’s Graduation Exercises of my Alma Mater. I now present you these photos. Thank you so much and padayon kita! GOD BLESS! ^^, 2nd Naval State University-Laboratory High School Graduation Exercises March 30, 2011. 9AM The Gerry Roxas Foundation presents this YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARD to Ms. Jacqueline Roz Golda Lora and Ms. Marie Gabrielle Francisco in recognition of their exemplary performance as a student leader, for their active participation, for their selfless devotion of time and talent in community affairs, and their consistency in upholding the legacy of Leadership, Service and Integrity set forth by the late Senator Gerry Roxas. May this recognition inspire the Awardees to pursue greater heights in the future, and Serve their country and fellowmen with excellence, integrity and passion. Given this 30th day of March 2011 at Naval State University. (Sgd.) Rizalina A. Danao, MAT School Principal (Sgd.) Manuel ‘Mar’ A. Roxas Trustee, Gerry Roxas Foundation


YFL World Youth Congress 2012: Lahat Kayang Gawin sa Lakas ng Diyos -First World Congress ko – First time to be in Manila, Makati and Dagupan – First time to ride an airplane


Nagkahiusang Kusog sa Estudyante (NKE) Family Tunay. Palaban. Makabayan.


Pre-BDay Bash with Red Gate Family at Joed’s Lutong Hapon


Pre-Bday Bash with Red Gate Family at Joed’s Lutong Hapon


Birthday celebration with Red Gate family.. mura ghapon og pulitiko.. lolz.. (si Rey ang nagtake sa pic)


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