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I was supposed to compose this for the 4th of July when some Filipinos celebrated what they call “Fil-Am Friendship Day”, commemorating the mutual relationship between the two countries. But is it really mutual?

Meanwhile, here’s my other poem (in Filipino) criticizing Fil-Am relationship: http://www.facebook.com/notes/kristian-jacob-casas-abad-lora/hindi-lahat-ng-kaibigan-ay-tunay/10150694568394794


The march halted
as his master signalled.
The grey beast,
painted in mud,
on soothing waters, kneeled.
The sun was high;
its rays reflected
on the blades of grass
he masticated.

A glowing long-legged creature
descended from heaven
and landed on his back.
He guarded her from assasins
while she rested like a queen
in white robes,
until the master came
and so she flew.

Poor beast!
The march continued
While his energy drained,
Blood sucked by greedy ticks.


Author: pchan_august

Juris Doctor (Law) Graduate. Iskolar ng Bayan. Activist. Environmentalist. Frustrated Singer, Poet and Writer. Computer Enthusiast. Servant of the Masses. God's Servant.

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