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UP NKE condemns warrantless arrest of Badidi Labra’s father; calls to drop charges

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UP NKE condemns warrantless arrest of Badidi Labra’s father; calls to drop charges
Press Release
February 20, 2013
Reference: Kristian Jacob Abad Lora, kjalora92@yahoo.com

The Nagkahiusang Kusog sa Estudyante, a political and mass organization in University of the Philippines Cebu (UP Cebu) expresses its strongest condemnation over the inhumane and warrantless arrest of Lodgerio Labra, father of UP Cebu Fine Arts student Jay “Badidi” Labra, past 8 p.m, February 18, by the Team 2 of the City Intelligence Branch (CIB) of the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) under Police Inspector William Alicaba.

Based on the accounts of Badidi Labra, who is one of the witnesses of the said arrest, PNP crashed into their house to arrest Mr. Labra for illegal gambling, specifically, masiao. The PNP ransacked the house which resulted to damages on Labra’s properties as they sought for any evidence supporting the case. Failing to find evidence, the CIB took Mr. Labra’s decades-old unused and non-functional .22 rifle (air gun).

Furthermore, Badidi testified that the arresting officers failed to present an arrest warrant, were not in uniform and even threatened to arrest him, as well, after seeking for an arrest warrant.

This afternoon, February 20, Mr. Lodgerio Labra has been freed on bail. He was detained in CCPO, yesterday, after the PNP filed two cases against him yesterday, February 19, for illegal gambling and illegal possession of firearms. Gambling paraphernalia surfaced only after the raid and when asked where they found the paraphernalia, the CIB could not answer the question, said Badidi. He added that the CIB negotiated to drop the charges in exchange of suppressing the issue from media attention.


Not an Isolated Case

Such inhumane acts of the security forces of the State such as the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) inflicted upon ordinary and innocent civilians are no longer unusual in our history. There are already a significant number of cases of police officers illegally arresting civilians without warrant, torturing them upon arrest and destroying properties while searching for evidences, among others. In the case of Mr. Labra, the arresting officers violated the rules in conducting an arrest stipulated in Republic Act No. 7438 such as using of unnecessary force despite his non-resistance and non-recital of the Miranda Warning.

Even the planting of evidences (the gambling paraphernalia allegedly recovered from Mr. Labra’s house) is also not new. It can be remembered that three of our UP Cebu students who visited the Aloguinsan farmers to document their struggle were also arrested last August 29, 2011, along with 36 farmers of San Roque Farmers’ Association after the PNP allegedly found acid, grenade and liquid laced with chili pepper inside their bags.

The case of Mr. Labra is yet another incident now added to the very long list of human rights violations committed by the State’s security forces. This incident further our claims that the institutions that are ought to serve and protect the people are the ones inflicting abuse, harassment and violence upon the people, especially the underprivileged and the powerless.


Our Call and Demand

Considering that the arrest of Mr. Lodgerio Labra is illegal and that evidences presented were only planted, we demand upon the Cebu City Police Office to immediately drop the charges filed against him. Furthermore, we call for an investigation of the incident and have the arresting officers held accountable for violating Republic Act No. 7438.

We are also calling the attention of the Commission on Human Rights-7 to look into this matter and conduct a speedy investigation to render justice to the party affected.

Meanwhile, we urge our fellow UP students, teachers, staff, REPS and alumni to join us and the Labra family in the pursuit for justice. Legal and financial assistance are very much welcome. Donation boxes will also be circulated around the campus.

Share so that no more citizens will experience the same plight of Mr. Lodgerio Labra!

DROP the charges filed against Mr. Lodgerio Labra now!
JUSTICE to the Labra Family!
UPHOLD Due Process of Law!
END Human Rights Violations!
SERVE and PROTECT the People!

PS: Here’s a video footage of some part of the incident: 

PSS: Spread awareness, and follow the case of Badidi’s dad by visiting Chai Fonacier’s blog.

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