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BREAKING NEWS: Cybercrime Law goes in action, prematurely!

This is Cybercrime Law in action! (kahit sa October 3 pa magti-take-effect yung law, may umaabuso na.)

This very recent incident will show us how the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 (RA 10175) is FLAWED and will indeed cause harm to everyone. These statements by a certain page claiming to be of PNP give us a clear picture of what will happen starting October 3, 2012. One, that is suggested by these statements, is the INVASION of PRIVACY of every netizen. If the government suspects us of having committed a “cybercrime” as defined in the newly-enacted law, they can immediately track us down and monitor our accounts, WITHOUT COURT ORDER.

This is a CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATION. The 1987 Philippine Constitution provides in Article III, Section 3. (1) “The privacy of communication and correspondence shall be inviolable except upon lawful order of the court, or when public safety or order requires otherwise as prescribed by law.”

Familiar, eh? Yes, it exhibits Martial Law, in cyberspace. But not just in cyberspace because threats to our lives continue in the real world — spying, tracking, filing cases against us and the possibility of being punished one degree higher (in case of “online libel”).

Clearly, this law is ANTI-PEOPLE! We CALL the Supreme Court to URGENTLY heed the petitions we filed against the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012!

If the Aquino Government is really democratic, such laws abridging our freedom to exercise our democratic rights should not be passed or approved. In case they have been approved, immediate junking/action to revise shall be done.

Fight for a GENUINELY DEMOCRATIC PHILIPPINES! No to e-Martial Law! Junk the Cybercrime Law! Sign the petition here: http://www.change.org/petitions/junk-the-cybercrime-prevention-law

PS: I hope we can use this against the Cybercrime Law

PSS: Can we file a case against the PNP if our evidences will tell us that it is indeed the PNP that is owning the page? I can feel it poses threat to the netizens who commented on that post, esp. to that person whom the PNP addressed such statements.

More photos:

How it started

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Hindi Lahat ng Kaibigan ay Tunay

Ni Kristian Jacob Abad Lora

Ika-17 ng Abril 2012 | 7:59 PM

Pinagtanggol ka

Ng isang estranghero

Nang ika’y pinag-tripan

Ng mga mestiso sa kanto.

Halos lahat ng iyo’y ninakaw:

Iyong yaman, dignidad at pagkakilanlan.

Dahil sa iyong kawalan,

Ika’y kinupkop muna

Hanggang kaya mo nang mamuhay nang mag-isa.

Ika’y binihisan, pinakain, pinag-aral

Tinuruan kung paano mamuhay nang elegante

Para di ka na kutyain pa.

Dahil sa pagmamalasakit niyang ito’y

Itinuring mo na rin siyang kaibigan.

Dumating din ang araw

Nang ika’y hinipuan

Minsa’y inanyahan kang makipagtalik

Subalit umayaw ka kaya’t ika’y hinalay.

Mula noon, ika’y nagmistulang ‘sex carabao’:

Sa umaga, pinaglilinis ka ng bahay

Sa hapon, nagtatrabaho ka subalit

kita mo’y napupunta sa kanya

At sa gabi, ginagawa kang

pang-ehersisyo sa kama.

Ang pagkupkop ay nauwi sa pananakop:

Sinakop ang iyong pribadong buhay,

Ninakaw pa lalo ang iyong dignidad,

Ang iyong kalayaan,

Ang iyong karapatang mamuhay nang matiwasay

At ang iyong pagkatao.

Kaya mo namang lumaban,

Kaya mo namang tumakas at magsarili.

Subalit pinilit mong tumahimik,

Manatili sa kanya

At tiisin na lang ang lahat ng hirap

Pagka’t takot kang mamuhay nang mag-isa,

Pagka’t mayroon kang utang na loob sa kanya,

At higit sa lahat, pagka’t kaibigan mo siya.

Sayang at ngayon ay nasa kabaong ka na

Sayang pagka’t di kita agad naabisuhan:

Una, ‘Don’t talk to strangers‘, sabi ni Inay

At ikalawa, hindi lahat ng kaibigan ay tunay.

JUNK Visiting Forcess Agreement (VFA)!

U.S. Troops, PAALISIN na sa bansa!

STOP raping and enslaving us and our country!

Respect our Sovereignty!