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(Since Then) I Hate the Rain

It has been a very long time since I wrote my last poem. Law school has been so demanding. It’s because it was raining so hard, which I was annoyed at, this afternoon that I was move to write a poem about it.


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Of ‘Torts and Damages’ and Love: ‘Violenti non fit injuria’

While reading Torts and Damages cases for our class tomorrow, a thought came up:
In torts law, one of the principles, and defenses against liability for damages, is “violenti non fit injuria” — to one who is willing, there can be no injury. It means that a person, who voluntarily exposed him/herself to a known risk or danger, must abide by the consequences and cannot be entitled to damages should he/she thereafter suffer injury or damage therefrom (Ilocos Norte Electric Co. v. CAG.R. No. L-53401, November 6, 1989).

Just like LOVE. Yes. Love. With emphasis to “love” in romantic relationships. When we love, we assume the risk of getting hurt or getting rejected. We all know those risks yet we pursue the person or the relationship. Thus, if, at the end of the day, we end up getting hurt in loving someone, we cannot just cry foul and blame that person or God or the concept of love itself. Violenti non fit injuria. To one who is willing to love, he/she must bear the consequences.

So, should we stop loving then? Should I stop going to law school which might not love me back? Definitely not! 😀 The principle only reminds us that we be careful so that we will not end up hurting ourselves too much. Despite the uncertainties and risks in life, just keep loving until we find “the right one”. As the line in a movie goes, “As long as you love, there is hope.” 😀

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Ang Nagpaparaya’y Nasasaktan Din

Matagal-tagal na rin mula nang ako’y huling nakapagsulat ng tula dahil sa sobrang busy ko. Yesterday, I found the time to write this post-Valentine “bitter” poem, ika nga nila. I was listening to a post-Valentine acoustic fab at the SM Northwing while waiting for my phone to be completely repaired. Many of the songs performed were so melancholic that I was able to reminisce my sad love story these days and even in my past. Ang tulang ito’y para sa lahat ng mga laging nagpaparaya para sa ikaliligaya ng iba.

*Credits to Warner Bros for the background pic. On the photo is a scene of Eponine (Samantha Barks) singing “On My Own”. Eponine has become an icon of “friendzoned people” these days. But beyond that is Eponine’s laudable sacrifice of her self-interest (love) on Marius for the sake of the revolution.

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