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Fight Against Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012

It is very UNFAIR.

With the newly passed and approved RA 10175 known as “Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012”, it seems we, the people, are the ones being punished for criticizing [reminding and reprimanding] our government leaders for their misbehavior and mismanagement instead of having them punished, instead of having Sen. Vicente “Tito” Sotto, III punished for committing plagiarism, repeatedly. Interestingly, it was Sen. Sotto who included the “online libel” provision. Yes, he, who warned critics that the Law may be used against them. Another important question is that why did not President Aquino veto the Bill for amendments?

The online libel provision of the Act exhibits Martial Law in the cyberspace. Apparently, it aims to silence, especially, those who are online critics of public figures like our government leaders. This is NOT DEMOCRATIC and should have no space in a democratic society. The passage of this Bill just manifests that, in reality, there is actually NO GENUINE and FULL FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY under this Yellow Government,  even after the 1972 Martial Law era and the 1986 EDSA Movement, and even during the first Aquino Government.

The complexity of the cyberspace’s structure will really make it hard for the law enforcers to enforce the Act. As a result, more innocent people may be sued. This is worse than the Oplan Bayanihan that sets no clear distinction between an unarmed activist and a revolutionary. This is as worse as the 1972 Martial Law.

Kaya, tara’t tulungan po natin ang KABATAAN Partylist na makakalap ng sapat na bilang ng mga pirma para sa ating petisyon laban sa Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 (local mini-version of SOPA, PIPA and ACTA)! Pls. sign the petition (follow the link below) and share! Maraming salamat po! Padayon! #lakasngMasa #NeverToE-MartialLaw #FREEDOM

Petition here: http://www.change.org/petitions/junk-the-cybercrime-prevention-law

Suggested article: http://www.interaksyon.com/infotech/opinion-beware-the-cybercrime-laws-section-19-the-takedown-clause

PS: The “online libel” is not just the issue in this Act. There are more that concerns not just or right to free speech but also our right to privacy. I am looking for a free time to write my position on this Act.

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The State of the UP Cebu Library Building

Seeing it abandoned and hearing that it will be demolished soon (for reconstruction) pains me a lot like gradually losing an important person in my life. It has been a witness to historic moments in my UP and College Life – my first year orientation, my speeches during election grand rallies, my defeat in SC chairperson election, my first fashion show that almost bore my fresh body, protest against UP High Closure and ouster of Dean Avila, among others. It has also been one of the few who/that tirelessly listened to my voice everytime I sang UP Naming Mahal.

Honestly, I only go to the Library when urgently needed but for those who have already considered the Library their home, for sure, they are deeply saddened more than I am.

The 30-year old building that houses UP Cebu Library, Conference Hall and Audio-Visual Room is doomed to fall when engineers discovered the cracks in its “beams and slab” or simply say, in its “foundation”. The order to vacate the building by the Office of the Vice President for Development (OVPD) was released in July 13.

Historically, it was renovated in 2008, during the year-long Centennial Celebration of UP. What I cannot fathom is that why were the cracks not noticed prior to the renovation? Was it thoroughly inspected or not for the sake of immediately carrying out the revamp plan? The money used for renovation could have been channeled to reconstruction.

Nevertheless, the miserable fate of the building boils down to the low budget given by the Philippine government. Aside from annual budget cuts on basic social services like education, for a long time, the government did not give any single peso to UP and other State Universities and Colleges in the country for their Capital Outlay budget, which is their source of fund for construction of buildings and rooms and for the purchase of facilities and equipments.

We recognize this problem, even our teachers and administrators recognize this problem and lament to it. But the problem with us is that we end up just complaining about and accepting the problem because “it’s the reality”, disregarding the fact that we have the power to address it. We are the ones who are as noisy as parrots but futile, and not those militant students whom we tag as “barbaric, noisy, and uncivilized” like the PUP students who walked out from their classrooms and successfully junked 2000% tuition increase, aside from asserting for greater state subsidy.

We now get the price of our inaction. We will get more if we continue our inaction towards the shortcomings, intentional and non-intentional, of the government. In that case, we are no longer in good position to complain when we will be ordered to vacate AS Building because of cracks in its foundations, too. GOD forbids!

PS: I only had the time today to write my sentiments about the sad fate of our library. My sentiments, however, does not reflect the views of the organizations I am affiliated with.


Photo courtesy of Tug-ani

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Huwag Patayin ang Apoy ng Diwang Nasyonalismo | Mensahe para sa Nat’l Youth Day of Protest (Cebu) 2012

Mga kasama, madalas na sinasabi nila na walang patutunguhan itong mga pagmamartsa natin. Madalas na sinasabi nila na walang nagagawa ang pagra-rali natin.

Pero mga kasama, sa kasalukuyan, itinaas ng Department of Budget and Management ang badyetpara sa edukasyon at iba pang mga batayang serbisyo nang 14 na porsyento para sa susunod na taon.

Ang tagumpay na ito ay dulot ng ating mga militanteng kolektibong pagkikilos. Sa ating mga pag-walkout, sa ating bawat pagmamartsa, sa pagdadala natin ng mga placard, sa bawat sigaw natin, at sa ating pagkakaisa’y katunayan ay nasisindak natin ang gubyerno upang ibigay sa taumbayan kung ano ang tama’t nararapat.

Datapwa’t di pa rin tayo dapat maging kampante. Una, ang ibinigay na dagdag na badyetay di pa rin sapat para pag-aralin ang nakararami sa mga anak ng magsasaka, sa mga anak ng mangingisda, sa mga anak ng manggagawa. Ikalawa, ang dagdag na badyet ay nasa lebel ng DBM pa lamang at maaaring mabago sa deliberasyon ng Kongreso. Maaari ring ang dagdag na badyet ay isangpabango lamang sa Administrasyong Aquino lalupa’t malapit na ang eleksyon.

Mga kasama, nakakagalit na kinakailangan pa nating magmartsa sa Daang Matuwid upang ipaglaban ang ating mga karapatan. Subalit ito’y naging realidad na at wala nang ibang nakakalamang pa sa paraang ito upang makamtan natin ang ating mga karapatang ipinagkait nila. Bagkus, nararapat lamang na ipagpatuloy natin ito sapagka’t kung hindi, wala tayong matatamasang dagdag na badyet at wala tayong matatamasang tunay na demokrasya.

Mga kasama, huwag patayin ang apoy ng Diwang Nasyonalismo sa ating mga puso! Padayon kita sa pagsulong ng Pambansang Demokrasya! Maraming salamat!


Kristian Jacob Abad Lora

Representante, Nagkahiusang Kusog sa Estudyante (NKE)

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UP and SUCS’ Budget Increased! | With Our Militant Action, We Win!

History will never fail us to appreciate that our victories in our struggle for equality and justice and for our rights have been achieved with our guided militant action, specifically speaking about our fight for greater state subsidy for basic social services including education.

We welcome, but with no single amount of complacency, the recent developments of our struggle:

“Budget and Management Secretary Florencio B. Abad said that 34.8 percent or P698.4 billion of the P2.006-trillion proposed budget has been earmarked for social services, higher by 14 percent compared with this year’s P613.4-billion funding” (Leyco n.p.).

For State Universities and colleges (SUCs), particularly:

“…DBM also increased the total budget of 110 state universities

and colleges (SUCs) by 41.25 percent from P26.29 billion in 2012 to 37.4 billion next year. The increase is also particularly attributed to the 97.73 percent or P3.7 billion increase in the MOOE of SUCs, from P3.21 billion this year to P6.42 in 2013” (Mariano 3).

As for UP budget:

“The P10.78 billion budget approved by DBM for inclusion in the 2013 National Expenditure Program (NEP) is 57.6 percent higher than the P6.84 billion allotted to UP this year under the General Appropriations Act (GAA)” (Mariano 3).

Photo from Philippine Collegian FB Account


With our MILITANT Action, we win!

“Last year, our definition of ‘paggugol na matuwid was spending that has direct, immediate and substantial impact to the people—’diretso sa tao.’ This year, we defined “paggugol na matuwid” as something that the people, especially the poor, have been asking for—even demanding for—from their government,” DBM Secretary Florencio Abad said (Mariano 3).

Though there are matters in the DBM proposed budget that are questionable despite the increase, it is clear that the increase in budget is brought about by our MILITANT COLLECTIVE ACTION through the years. This credits much our rallies, walkouts, pickets, cultural protests, etc along with dialogues with the government and lobbying in the Congress, that were geared towards our call for greater state subsidy, among others.

Last month (June 21), our fellow Iskolars in UP Diliman and Manila trooped to the Dept. of Budget and Management (DBM) office to lobby for budget increase while we had our signature campaign (by our Student Council and NUSP Cebu). UP Student Regent Cleve Arguelles then tweeted, “Matagumpay ang protesta natin ngayong araw sa DBM. Dialogue resulted into an agreement that there will be an increase in the budget.”

Last year (September), students from SUCs around the country walked out while we had our black-shirt, candle-lighting and planking protest.

In November 2010, around 400 of us walked out as we support the Nationwide WALKOUT for Greater State Subsidy. The massive mobilization shook the Aquino government and the Congress, pushing the latter to increase the (MOOE) budget for SUCs by more than P400 Million.

Courtesy of NKE


No single amount of complacency

However, we should not consider the recent increase as an “ultimate victory” in our struggle for greater state subsidy. Our movement should not stop because everyday is a struggle. It is worth noting that the recent increase is just on the DBM level. The proposed budget will still undergo Congressional Proceedings, wherein it may be approved, disapproved or amended.

Unless the sufficient percentage of the national budget is automatically appropriated and the automatic appropriation for debt servicing is repealed, we must not settle; instead, we must remain vigilant and must keep on fighting.

KABATAAN Partylist has filed House Bill (HB) 1962 that pushes for automatic appropriation of at least 6% of our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) to education and other basic social services while repealing automatic appropriation for debt servicingthat eats up more than one-third of our national budget, annually (“HB 1962” n. p.). We mustsupport the passage of this bill. At the same time, we must back this up with our mobilizations in the streets — the same mobilizations that brought us the recent tactical victories.

As what Kabataang Makabayan (that fought against Marcos regime) founder Jose Maria Sison said, “Only through militant struggle can the best in the youth emerge” (Sison n. p.).


Congratulations, mga Iskolar ng Bayan!

Join the National Youth Day of Protest on July 17!

Iskolar ng Bayan, ipagpatuloy ang laban hanggang sa kapanalunan!

Fight for Greater State Subsidy!

Continue pushing for a Nationalist, Scientific and Mass-oriented Education!

Change the System!



Disclaimer: This my personal statement and does not reflect the views and opinion of the organizations I am affiliated with.



“HB 1962 – Repeal of the Automatic Appropriation for Debt Service.” KABATAAN Partylist n. d.: n. p. Scribd. Web. 15 Jul. 2012. (http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/365230/dbm-details-2013-proposed-budget)

Leyco, Chino S. “DBM Details 2013 Proposed Budget.” Manila Bulletin 9 Jul. 2012: n. p. Manila Bulletin. Web. 15 Jul. 2012. (http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/365230/dbm-details-2013-proposed-budget)

Mariano, Keith Richard D. “DBM OKs more than half of proposed 2013 UP budget.” Philippine COllegian 11 Jul. 2012: 3. Philippine Collegian. Web. 15 Jul. 2012. (http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/193/9/9/philippine_collegian_issue_4_5_by_kule1213-d56xr9u.pdf)

Sison, Jose Maria. “Youth on the March.” The Philippines Free Press [Quezon City] 2 Nov. 1968: n. p.

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Mensahe ng Pakikiisa sa mga Manggagawa sa Araw ng Paggawa

Colon St., Cebu City | Mayo 1, 2012

Disclaimer: Delivered this speech in Cebuano. Transcribing it into Filipino is for the purpose of relaying it also to other workers nationwide.


Isang mapagpalayang araw po sa ating lahat. Mula sa hanay ng mga kabataan at estudyante, amin pong ipinaabot ang aming pagbati sa lahat ng mga manggagawa di lamang para sa paggunita ng Araw ng Paggawa kundi para sa ating kapanalunan — kapanalunan dahil muli na naman tayong nagsama-sama’t nagkakaisa at para sa darating na kapanalunan ng mga manggagawa’t masang-api.

Mataas po ang pagtanaw naming mga kabataan at estudyante sa mga manggagawa. Ang mga papel at lapis na ginagamit namin sa pag-aaral, ang kuryenteng ginagamit namin sa aming mga laboratoryo, ang tubig na aming iniinom at ginagamit panligo, ang mga electric fan at iba pang pasilidad sa aming mga silid-aralan, ang mga leksyon na nagbibigay sa amin ng karunungan — lahat ng ito’y aming nakamit at nakakamit dahil sa ating mga manggagawa. Bagkus, lubos ang aming pasasalamat sa inyo na, bukod sa aming mga pamilya, ay tunay ring nag-aalaga sa amin at tumutulong na abutin ang aming mga pangarap.

Datapwa’t masakit din sa amin ang makita kayong pinahihirapan — inaabuso, nililinlang, sahod na hindi sapat, walang seguridad sa trabaho, ipinagkait ang mga karapatan — karapatan na mag-organisa, karapatan na magpahayag, karapatan na magtrabaho na may dignidad.

Ramdam din naming mga kabataan at estudyante ang mga paghihirap ng mga manggagawa sapagka’t ang aming mga magulang ay mga manggagawa rin. Sabay ng pagtaas ng tuition at pagtaas ng mga presyo ay ang hindi naman pagtaas ng mga sweldo ninyo at ng aming mga magulang. Saan na ngayon kukuha ng pang-matrikula sina Tatay at Nanay? Saan na kayo kukuha ng pantustos ng pag-aaral ng inyong mga anak? Sabayan pa ng pagkaltas ng gubyerno sa badyet ng edukasyon.

Mga kasama, ang lahat ng ito’y bunga ng kasalukuyang sistema, ng kapitalistang sistema kung saan, ang mga taong pumunla ng dugo’t pawis sa pagtatrabaho ay hindi umaangat ang buhay dahil gustong gawing alipin ng mga kapitalistang ganid at makasarili.

Bagkus, ang sistemang ito’y nararapat lamang na kalampagin at palitan ng sistemang makabayan at demokratikong may sosyalistang perspektiba — ang sistema kung saan ang lahat ng mga manggagawa — ang mga pinakamasisipag na mamamayan at ang backbone ng ekonomiya ng lipunan — ay nabibigyan ng malaking importansya. Kung kaya’t huwag tayong tumigil dito kundi magpatuloy tayo sa pagkabig pa ng ating mga kasama sa trabaho samantalang oorganisahin din namin ang aming mga kapwa estudyante upang sama-sama nating itaguyod ang sistemang makakapagpalaya sa mga manggagawa, sa masang-api, at sa ating lahat. Mabuhay at padayon!


Sahod ITAAS, Presyo Ibaba!
Dagdag na P125 sa sahod, across the board, NATIONWIDE!
Imperyalismo, Burukratang Kapitalismo, Pyudalismo — IBAGSAK!



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Hindi Lahat ng Kaibigan ay Tunay

Ni Kristian Jacob Abad Lora

Ika-17 ng Abril 2012 | 7:59 PM

Pinagtanggol ka

Ng isang estranghero

Nang ika’y pinag-tripan

Ng mga mestiso sa kanto.

Halos lahat ng iyo’y ninakaw:

Iyong yaman, dignidad at pagkakilanlan.

Dahil sa iyong kawalan,

Ika’y kinupkop muna

Hanggang kaya mo nang mamuhay nang mag-isa.

Ika’y binihisan, pinakain, pinag-aral

Tinuruan kung paano mamuhay nang elegante

Para di ka na kutyain pa.

Dahil sa pagmamalasakit niyang ito’y

Itinuring mo na rin siyang kaibigan.

Dumating din ang araw

Nang ika’y hinipuan

Minsa’y inanyahan kang makipagtalik

Subalit umayaw ka kaya’t ika’y hinalay.

Mula noon, ika’y nagmistulang ‘sex carabao’:

Sa umaga, pinaglilinis ka ng bahay

Sa hapon, nagtatrabaho ka subalit

kita mo’y napupunta sa kanya

At sa gabi, ginagawa kang

pang-ehersisyo sa kama.

Ang pagkupkop ay nauwi sa pananakop:

Sinakop ang iyong pribadong buhay,

Ninakaw pa lalo ang iyong dignidad,

Ang iyong kalayaan,

Ang iyong karapatang mamuhay nang matiwasay

At ang iyong pagkatao.

Kaya mo namang lumaban,

Kaya mo namang tumakas at magsarili.

Subalit pinilit mong tumahimik,

Manatili sa kanya

At tiisin na lang ang lahat ng hirap

Pagka’t takot kang mamuhay nang mag-isa,

Pagka’t mayroon kang utang na loob sa kanya,

At higit sa lahat, pagka’t kaibigan mo siya.

Sayang at ngayon ay nasa kabaong ka na

Sayang pagka’t di kita agad naabisuhan:

Una, ‘Don’t talk to strangers‘, sabi ni Inay

At ikalawa, hindi lahat ng kaibigan ay tunay.

JUNK Visiting Forcess Agreement (VFA)!

U.S. Troops, PAALISIN na sa bansa!

STOP raping and enslaving us and our country!

Respect our Sovereignty!