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Personal Note on the Mgt 186 Lab Fee Proposal

It has been made clear during the Multi-Sectoral Assembly this morning that no matter what, the Business Managemet Cluster will pursue for the P500 Management 186 Lab Fee. By simple logic, this implies that the breakdown written on the proposal is useless but was just written down for legitimacy.

This means that even there will be items removed after further deliberations, the laboratory fee will still be P500. In fact, when the cost for energy consumption was removed from the proposal as ordered by the UP System Financial Policy and Operations Committee (FPOC), the proposed fee remained P500. It is of no doubt that the cost accounting happened later than fixing the amount to P500. Clearly, this is a manifestation of the “commercialized” characteristic of the educational system in our country.

This was further manifested when, to support the proposed amount, the Admin and the proponents cited the implementation of P500 Mgt 186 Lab Fee of the College of Management in other UP units.The “pricing” of Mgt 186 Laboratory seemed to be “market-driven” — whatever the usual price of Mgt 186 Lab in the market is should also be the price of Mgt 186. If other UP units collect P500 for Mgt 186 Lab, UP Cebu should also collect the same price. But, just because other units collect P500 doesn’t mean we will also follow them. What if their objective condition is different from ours? Or what if their calculation is also wrong? This is so unbecoming of a critical-minded and scientific UPian.

On a personal note, I could remember that there was a course that I took last year (I am a Computer Science student) that has a laboratory component but I paid nothing for its laboratory because the proposal has not yet been approved. That time, my eyes were teary upon knowing such since I could save P300. I felt I was freed from a cage that I wanted to jump for joy. P300 may just be a small amount for some people but for students like me whose family is financially struggling, it did mean a lot and, still, means a lot until now, even forever.

I just want other people, especially those who are financially struggling, to have the chance to feel the what I have felt that time. This is why I never and will never stop fighting against any proposal to increase tuition and impose other fees, aside from that it is just right to fight for much lower tuition for a state university, especially for a National University such as UP while demanding for that greater budget from the government that has been robbed by the US imperialist and bureaucrat-capitalists politicians.

As a graduating student, one very precious legacy that I could leave, perhaps, is seeing to it that UP education is still accessible by the students in the lower years and even by incoming UP students. Seeing them enjoy the UP education that I have enjoyed and knowing them graduate as an Iskolar ng Bayan, specifically as a UPian, will be enough to make me happy even I have already left my UP “naming mahal”. Whatever the means to achieve it, even if it is rallying, I will do it. But, I cannot do it alone.

Disclaimer: This is my personal view; hence, it does not reflect the views and opinion of NKE and all other organizations that I am affiliated with.